Why Bader?

Bader and its management team at Steven Scott have 80 properties under management / ownership including multi-family, mixed-use and retail properties.

  • Bader represents an approach to distinctive design and superior function at competitive cost.
  • Bader is constantly recognized by the industry media and professional peers for exceptional development and commitment.
  • Bader achieves outstanding tenant satisfaction and retention by setting higher standards and utilization of experienced management of operating costs.
  • Bader maximizes rental rates through diligent awareness of market trends.
  • Bader has been doing business since 1960.

Partnering with Steven Scott Management, Bader is able to bring one of the largest, most reliable and long-standing property management companies in the Twin Cities to projects. Steven Scott manages an exceptionally vast and diverse portfolio of properties all over St. Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, spanning every category from apartment to townhome to senior living to student housing.